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I have some footage that contains local historical buildings and statues, and I was wondering if these would be considered copyright infringements. In Australia we are allowed to shoot (and use) anything in a public place, but I'm not sure about how the rules would apply worldwide, and if it would be a problem on Pond5.
As an example, the shot I am looking at right now is a bronze of two men striking gold which is in the (public) front yard of the Royal Mint. Thanks in advance for any insights.

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    Hi Ray,

    That's a really good question. I'm not sure if we could accept things like that without any releases, but if you did obtain property/model releases for the works of art, then it definitely wouldn't be an issue. If we did accept them without, the would almost certainly have to be marked as "editorial" pieces. I would say to go ahead and upload one item as a test, and see what our curators think. :)

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    Thanks Jonathan - I'll upload it and see what they say. I'll add a note about the copyright in the country of origin and see how that fits with the worldwide model.

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    For anyone searching on this thread in the future, here's some Australian Copyright information from http://www.artslaw.com.au/info-sheets/info-sheet/filming-in-public-places/
    Filming public, permanent sculptures, “works of artistic craftsmanship”, and buildings
    A film maker may film a sculpture, building or “work of artistic craftsmanship” that is permanently displayed in public without getting permission from the copyright owner.
    Hope this helps. Oh, and the clip was approved :)

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