Music search capabilities need to be completely overhauled


I am new to this site, and am using it for music for a current project. That said, thus far, I find the search capabilities to be shockingly limited, and trying to find anything specific is an infuriating experience. Some relatively simple changes would make this infinitely easier.

Most importantly, keywords need to be replaced with more specific criteria. Genre, mood, instrumentation, and tempo should all be separate search criteria. It should also be possible to search based on whether or not the piece of music is subject to performing rights royalties (PRO), and whether it was recording using real or sampled/synthesized instruments (or a combination of the two).

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    Thanks for your feedback, I'll pass this along to the team. :)

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    Update: I just noticed it IS possible to search for music with no PRO, so scratch that off the list :-)

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    Yes, I completely agree with the feedback. There's a lot of great music on this site, but without ways to narrow down the search, it can be impossible to find it. The keyword "documentary" for example turns up 12,222 results. There's a definite need for more search fields.

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    you can use some specific function for narrowing the profile:


    moreover, you should combine keywords.

    and, finally, if i can help you in finding something you need in my portfolio you are welcome, just contact me and tell me what are your needs! :)


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