You've got to improve the UI to the audio portion of your site. Please take a look at Premium Beat and Sound Rangers. I often look for music based on the number of seconds or minutes. I don't like "HAVING" to hover my mouse over to listen. I'm busy. I may want to listen to a list of music that fits my search while I'm busy working doing other task. AND I don't need to see the wave form. Your just wasting valuable space.
You've got great musicians and the prices are hard to beat. But it takes too long to find what I'm looking for due to lousy search engine.

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    Thanks for the feedback Jodi! I'll pass that along. :)

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    maybe a playlist type thing would work in addition to what Pond 5 already have?
    1) do your search based on duration, price range etc.
    2) add results to playlist with the option to play in order from most popular to least popular, or shuffle the playlist randomly and just let it play so you don't have to worry about hovering over lots of tracks and you can get on with whatever else you want to be doing.

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    In my oppinion Jodi is absolutelly right. Such search page is good for visual media, when you need to see a picture or video file. But for music search it should be a good looking list view, without hovering waveforms.

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