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I propose to make collections or archives that could be sold by the poster. For example . 5-8 files in a single archive sold at a low price. In which the author provides a discount for the purchase of a set of specific files. I think it will be interesting how the authors and buyers.Thank you

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    We've seen this suggestion before, but it's not something we have any plans to implement anytime soon. We actually find that our buyers prefer the a la carte method. But I'll be happy to pass your feedback on, regardless. :)

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    other sites offer this feature to sell packages of related images. It will not affect a la carte sales at all, but may increase overall sales..... Ask your marketing department to reconsider and look what other services are doing for their contributors.

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    Rest assured, we pay a great deal of attention to the industry at large. And I'll be happy to bring the suggestion up again with the team. :)

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