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Advanced Search Option for Duration seems limited to a range of 0 - 2+ minutes. You have media extending over an hour. When I need audio targeted to a specific range of say 4 - 5 minutes (just an example) I have to pull them all and sort by duration then scroll until I find the range I am seeking.

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    Hi Mike,

    Many of those longer clips are actually artifacts from Pond5's early days. Today, and for quite some time now, we don't accept videos longer than 2min. Though I didn't see any video extending over an hour, the longest video I found was only about 10min. Anything longer than that likely wouldn't qualify as "stock" media in the eyes of our marketplace.

    You can see our submission guidelines here:


    Bottom line, we could use with a little marketplace clean up, but I wouldn't expect to see search filters for anything longer than 2min as more than 90% of our videos are <=2min.

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    Jonathan, I appreciate your response. However my issue is with Audio tracks, and you have a bunch over 90 minutes. I am searching for a background track with a set duration range to fit a series of videos. If I need a audio track to cover a range or 3.1 to 3.25 minutes (just an example) it is not possible. Your audio filter is limited to 0 to 2 minutes. I sort through pages upon pages to try to find my range (filtered by duration) then if I click on one by mistake I lose my place on the page when I go back. Any help is greatly appreciated. However your commnents about the video stuff is appreciated.

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    Ah! Yes, of course you were talking about audio! I should have put that together. Yeah, no, I think your points are very solid with regard to Pond5 audio content. It is starting to become apparent that we may need different filters for our different media types. Thanks for the detailed feedback, that's really very helpful!

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