Please Bring Back BATCH TAG VIDEO in Uploads Dropdown box


While I like the new features being added vis-à-vis pricing, I'm upset that the BATCH TAG VIDEO option was removed. This was very helpful to use when tagging similar clips. Please bring it back.

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    Hi James,
    Templates previously found under "batch tag footage" are now found under "apply footage template". There is a separate template for 4K items, so be sure to use the right one.

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    'BATCH TAG VIDEO' was simpler. Don't see why you can't still have both.

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    Essentially, you do have both. No functionality has been removed here. May I ask, what specifically is it that you are missing?

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    The 'Batch Tag Video' option in the dropdown is gone. This was simpler since you didn't need to pre-make a template to use.


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    The batch tag was easy for:

    1. changing a bunch of clips shot with the same camera
    2. adding a location for a bunch of clips that were shot in the same area
    3. adding a bunch of clips to multiple collections

    I never used it to keyword clips, only for the above things. Now, with templates, you have to pre-create templates just to do what batch tag video did in one task.

    It needs to come back.

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    @James - Thanks for the detailed feedback, I'll pass that along to the team.

    @Sagar Lahiri - That's actually a known bug, and the autokeyworder is making a return, just as soon a we correct the problem. :)

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    I agree, batch tag was a lot simpler and helped me get more stuff up faster. I have to now spend more time creating templates for smaller amounts of files that i other wise would not need a template for.

    This "batch tag footage" and "batch tag audio" are not the same as "batch tag".

    Batch tag - gives you the freedom of what ever you would like to batch tag click two files or click twenty. It is not bound to a template. User has total control.

    But with batch tag footage and audio you are locked in to a template. user is stuck with the template.

    I agree it needs to come back.

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