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Is there any way to see the download count for a clip like we could with the old look?

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    There is not, no, not from the buyer side. There isn't a way to do it from the seller side at the moment either, but there will be, we're working on that. :)

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    So you're saying that me being a seller I still won't be able to see download counts for other people's clips? Because for their clips I'm the buyer. Right?

    It was a very nice feature to see that info. For example as a buyer if a clip has 100 downloads maybe that means it's a good clip and that I should buy it, or maybe that means that it's overexposed and I should buy a different one. Either way it's nice info to have.

    As a seller it's nice to see how well certain genere's are doing and if I should spend time creating content in that area.

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    As I said, we do plan on giving artists the power to see what's selling, what's being viewed, etc. It hasn't been implemented yet, but it's coming. :)

    But we more than likely will not be adding that information back to the buyer facing pages, no. We actually have a great deal of data that shows it was doing more harm than good, having that information visible to buyers. But yes, we totally want artists to have access to that information.

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