Download link for artists to download CSV / XLS file of their music


It would be great if in the dashboard or statistics page, a link whereby an artist can download a CSV / XLS file their music that is online to date.
It could contain in separate columns:
Track titles
Number of sales
Total amount earned to date.

Of course it should also be possible to grab even more fields from the database, but the above would do me fine.

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    Ok, so I eventually found it and managed to download the CSV file, but I couldn't get it to import into MS Excel in any meaningful way.
    In other words it was just a huge mess of text separated by commas.
    It would be a lot friendlier if you could also have a "save as xls" option.
    Or maybe I need a specific app that will display a CSV file in an organised and logical way?
    Any tips would be appreciated :)

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    Hi David,

    Yeah, there's a little bit of a trick to it, if you're not using a CSV file.

    When you download the CSV, all of the data will be in one column. Click on the "A" at the top of the column, to select the whole column. Then go to Data -> Text to Columns -> make sure "comma" is selected for delineation -> then click okay/apply. This will pull the text/data out of the first column, then spread it out where it should be.

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    Yeah, I finally got my head around it.
    I realize from an upload point of view the CSV has to be to your spec.
    But my on my site, the developer managed to make it so that the db based CSV file was converted to the more common xls format for the end users, so if my developer can do it, chase up yours man! :)
    (He uses PhpMyadmin).

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