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I am trying to upload music, and it is impossible. Opens a file selection window, I click it and then nothing happens. Why?


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    This technical issue is related to the ID verification process.  Artists are not able to upload any files, until their ID has been verified. I can see that you haven't yet submit your ID for the verification. Please feel free to upload your ID document under your Uploads page -->Identification tab. You will be able to upload your files as soon as your ID has been verified and approved!

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    Hi Isabel, 

    I have got the same problem, Since a few days it's impossible to upload new musics, while it worked well for months, my ID is ok.

    Thank you for your help

    Jérôme Chauvel


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    Hi Jérome, to help determine the cause of the problem could you please explain what exactly happens when you attempt to upload your music files? Are you getting any error messages? Have you attempted to upload via FTP and/or the site uploader? Please feel free to contact us at support@pond5.com with any relevant screenshots and we will troubleshoot from our end. 

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