I can't download my purchase



I bought a sound effect but when I click downloads I get an internal server error.

Please help.


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    Hi Lis, wer'e very sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. After reviewing your account, everything appears to be  in order and you should be able to download this sound effect. I have transferred this file over to you via email, please let us know if you are still unable to open it and we will be happy to troubleshoot further. 

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    I bought 4 videos and i cant download one of the videos; it appear an error and cant do nothing about it; I need to send this video ASAP what can i do??



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    Great, I see that we have already helped you get this video working. If you ever require immediate assistance in the future, please know you can always write to us at support@pond5.com, phone us at +1 (646) 350-0410 or chat to us live and we will be happy to take care of you right away.

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