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Ok so I uploaded an ID driver card for identification process. It was rejected. I blurred some ID numbers on it for safety reasons. It was rejected because of this or maybe because of not US ID? I'm from Poland.

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    Hi Bartosz, you are more than welcome to obscure any sensitive information from your ID, such as a passport number - we only need to see your Full name, Date of Birth and Photo. Unfortunately we were unable to verify your ID as your Date of Birth was obscured. Could you please re upload your ID with the Date of Birth visible and we would be more than happy to take another look for you.

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    Hi Isabel. I have a question.

    I never ever out of my country, then I don't have a passport. I only have Identification Card and Drive license, but both are not international card because my country is not granted by the international cards. On card have id number, picture, my name, birth, address, expiration date, but all of them under my language (not English). So how can I verify my account?

    ps: I uploaded drive license, but it was rejected.

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    Hi Hung, thank you for checking with us. 

    If you don’t have a passport, that’s okay, you have some alternatives. Firstly, please provide your Driving license or Identification Card again and either of the following:

    1) Relevant web presence links to your account and your professional activity (Linkedin, or other website where we can see your works and your full name).

    2) Send us a link to your profile on another stock media site

    You may send this information directly to support@pond5.com. Please feel free to obscure any sensitive information from your ID card, such as a driving license number. We only need to see your Full name, Date of birth, Expiry date and Photo. Thank you! 


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