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I have asked to verify my account but not possible.. the link to do that its not active..  What do I do?  How do I verify then?


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    Hey guys, we’re sorry for the confusion this email may have caused. I can assure you that the email was official and not phishing or any kind of scam, this is part of our effort to prevent fraud and make the marketplace safer for everyone. However the only people who should have gotten this email are contributors with unverified accounts.  Unfortunately due to a technical error, this email was sent out to some unintended recipients. 

    In short,  if this is the first time you've received an email like this, and the verification link does not work properly, then you were not meant to receive this email, and can safely ignore it. If you are an artist who has already verified their account, we apologize for the extra email. 

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    Smilar to phishing email. I came to the same. First, under the guise of news, then about verification.  (Pond5 <hello@e.pond5.com>)

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    You accept new authors? As for the unknown reason the message has come to me that it is necessary to undergo verification again though earlier i have sent scan of the passport!!!


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