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  I am getting called on 'disputes' EVERY SINGLE TIME we load a video onto Youtube with our PURCHASED CONTENT from Pond5.  Does this not mean we should be getting refunded for our purchases on Pond5 ??

I CONTINUOUSLY tell Youtube " we purchased the sounds on Pond5. This is getting very 'old', annoying and costly.


How do we either A. Get Pond 5 to clear this up with their contributors or B. get full refunds on the sounds purchased on Pond5.  WHY would we be spending hundreds of dollars with Pond5 to only be getting legally threatened after using it on youtube ??


thank you for your prompt reply.


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    We are terribly sorry to hear that you ran into this issue again. We understand how time consuming and frustrating this process can be and although we really wish there was something more we could do, unfortunately these Content ID claims are entirely out of our control and there is no way for us to prevent them reoccurring. Nonetheless, we want to do all we can to take care of you, by reaching out on your behalf to help get the claim removed as soon as possible. I would also recommend reaching out to the Content ID company directly, to complain about these repetitive claims and perhaps something can be done for your YouTube account from their end.

    As before, we are more than happy to reach out directly for you again right away. In order to do so, could you please contact us directly at support@pond5.com and provide us with: 
    a) the name of the Content ID company which placed this claim, along with the
    b) Transaction ID of the purchase and
    c) a link to the flagged YouTube video.

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