Can I use "Editorial License" content for commercial use?


 I'm corporate researcher.

I would like to use contents for commercial purpose.

But I will not publish contents on the web.

I use the contents for algorithm development of image processing.

So it use internal only.

In such case, can we use "Editorial License" content for commercial use?

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    Thank you for checking with us. Editorial Use content is not cleared for use in any commercial context. As this content is limited for Editorial purposes only (news or documentary use), I am afraid we would strongly advise against this. 

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    Thank you for your answer.

    I have more question.

    There are disclibed both「Royalty-Free License」 and 「Editorial Only」 in item page like below web link.


    Which lincense is applyed in such case?

    Can I select license 「Royalty-Free License」 or 「Editorial Only」?

    If so, how do I buy footage as 「Royalty-Free License」.

    I would like buy 「Royalty-Free License」 footage only.


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    Great question! To provide more clarification, all  media is sold under our Royalty Free License. However, some of our files can only be used editorially and not commercially. Editorial Use content is not sold under a different license, it simply means that the content contains identifiable features which releases have not been provided for, and therefore, can only be used for Editorial purposes only, ie. news use or documentary use. 

    Currently, you can filter your search to display only content which has been model released or property released from the Advanced search bar. In the next few weeks, we will be introducing a filter to omit any Editorial Content from your searches, which will be perfect for your searches. 

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