Naming system and A way to organise in downloads


With the lack of a reliable batch downloader...

When I work with more than a few downloads it would be good to have a way of organising them or marking them as done.

This could be a simple checkbox but preferably after checkboxing I could then move one or more of them into folders which I could make and name. I would probably make one called "Downloaded" and one called "Waiting"

This problem partly arises because of the naming of files on Pond5. I find it hard to check between my low res files and my high res files because of the addition of leading 0s, the change in clip name with some keywords there and some gone. Often the standout word for me in a name does not coincide with your choices...

Why is the name of the offline clip so different from the full resolution one?

And why is the name of the clip different depending on the different ways I download the clip?

Ultimately I'd like you to standardise naming across Pond5 so everything is called the same and I don't mind if that is just a number (I appreciate that may take time - but how about for all new footage from the date x?)





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    HI Jes - thanks for this detailed features suggestion.  We'll make sure the team get their eyes on it. 

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