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hello, why my images is "pending review" for more days? 

(sorry for my bad english...)


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    Hi Christian, 

    Our curatorial review times fluctuate and have been longer than usual during the busy christmas period, which is inevitable. Please accept our apologies for this delay. The current review time for images is about 40 days but we expect to bring this wait down as soon as we can. 

    In the meantime, please feel free to continue uploading more great content and we promise to get to it as soon as we can. 
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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    And what About Footage . It is taking So much Time in review . 


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    Hello Aryan, the current wait time for video review is 20 business days. Please feel free to reach out to support@pond5.com for the most upto date review times, for each media type. 

    As always, we appreciate everyones kind patience and understanding.

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    Hey Isabel! What is current wait time for music? Thanks

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    Hey Marina! The current wait time for music is about 7 business days, we appreciate your kind patience during the review process. Please know I have alerted the curators about your tracks pending review, and somebody should reach out to you shortly once your files have been reviewed.

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