All items in portfolio disappeared


Hello and please help.

As mentioned in the title, all uploaded files on my artist page can´t been seen anymore.

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    Hello Yevhen,

    Thank you for reaching out to our support team.

    I see that someone is already taking care of this request. We are happy to work with you to promptly resolve the issue.

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    Hello! I have the same problem. What I should do?


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    After almost 2 weeks of waiting still have no answer what is happened to my portfolio.

    I see other thread on this forum describing the same issues,started at february, and TS´s portfolio is still empty.

    Dear Isabel, can you explain, what´s going on?

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    Hello Yevhen,

    Our support team has reached out to you directly via email and is working on resolving this issue with you. 


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    same problem for me, all elements disappear just uploaded to your server.

    what can I do?




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    And what about the other sellers who have the same problem? With me, for example?

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    Hey Ryabchenko, I see that our support team is currently looking into resolving this issue for you too, we will remain in contact.

    Hey Simone,  I see your uploaded items are in Needs Edits status on your account. Please click on your file to edit and add the required information: keywords, a description, camera information, prices, etc.When all your editing has been done, such as adding keywords, title, price etc, next you'll need to 'Save and Submit for Review’. Once this is done, your files will update to Pending review status until they have been reviewed by the curators. 



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    Hello. How much longer do I have to wait for any results? Half a year, a year? I can not work with you until I see my tracks. By the way, how do I remove my tracks from selling on pond, if I do not see them?

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    Hey Dmitry, I see that our support team is currently working to assist you with this process. 

    If there is anything else we can assist you with, our support team is always happy to help! 

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