For use in music videos?


1. Does the standard license cover use in music videos?

2. Can I use a clip that is designated "editorial" in a music video?

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    Hi Larry - Great question! Our license covers you for use across all media, which would include music videos.  However, please note that Editorial Use Only clips can only be used for press or documentary footage. They are not covered for commercial use. 

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    Hi Lawrence,

    So does this mean that Editorial content can be used in a music video (that I would create from various Public domain footage from pond5 and with my song as audio track) that is not sold, but freely available on Youtube or Facebook (not monetized)?

    Does it make a difference if there's a link to buy the song in the Youtube description?

    In short, does "Commercial" mean that the music video will be sold as a merchandise? I can't really find out what defines "Commercial", actually.


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    "Commercial" refers to for-profit or fiction-context works. Editorial use is only recommended for press or documentary and non-fiction context use. If you have more detailed questions about your particular use, drop us a line at support@pond5.com and we can get you in touch with a license specialist. 

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