Earning money not received


This month my Earning money not received to Moneybookers ?

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    Hello Nimeshan,

    I see that one of our Customer Service Representatives has replied to your support request on this issue. Did you receive the response?

    And hello to you as well, Milan and Stanislav!

    Unfortunately, Moneybookers was having technical difficulties with some of our payouts. Our team has been working on it, and your payment should have successfully gone through now. Please wait a few more hours for it to fully process into your Moneybookers account, then check to see if you have properly received your funds. If it isn't in your account by tomorrow, please write in to us at support@pond5.com.

    If you are waiting to receive a physical check, please be aware that it will take a few business days for the check to physically arrive at your location.

    Again, if you have any further questions please write in to our customer support team at support@pond5.com, thank you!

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    I have exact same problem this month, the money not received . Before this incident, everything was normal.

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    I did not come to Skril money.
    But money from you Account balance: $ 0.00

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    I have exact same problem this month, the money not received .

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    I have this problem too: automatically transfer had not occurred to my Payoneer

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    Hello everyone,

    When you don't receive notice of your payment for any particular month, the thing to do is always to write in to customer service directly. I won't ever be able to help you find your payment on this forum, so when it comes to help with your payouts you really must write in or give us a call. We'll always be happy to make sure your payment is on its way. :)

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