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I can't seem to be able to get it changed. How do I go about changing my cover? I tried by dropping or browsing for a new image, however it seems to be loading endlessly and never gets to really change it. Then after a long wait, I try and leave the actual window and a pop up message alerts me that it's still uploading the image and whether I'm sure I want to leave the page. Each time I end up giving up as it takes forever. Thanks.

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    Hi Benjamin,

    It sounds like there may be an addon or extension in your browser causing some trouble. If you have any adblockers, script stoppers, or other addons like that, please be sure to turn them off as they can interfere with things like this on Pond5.

    If you aren't running anything like that, then please write in to customer support. You can attach the image you're trying to change your avatar/cover to, and we'll be happy to try and override it to make the change for you.

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