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After so much time why is there no way to batch download previews? Doing them one at a time is cumbersome. I thought this feature was going to be part of the overall upgrade. What gives?

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    We do sort of offer batch downloading of previews if you use our Adobe Premiere Plugin. It allows you to pull previews from the site, then drag and drop them right into your project time-line. Then, when you're ready, you can push one button to purchase and replace the previews with their full version counterparts.

    I do see this feature requested from time to time, and it's a good one, regardless of our plugin's capabilities. I'll be happy to make sure that our team knows this is still a much desired feature. Thanks!

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    Premiere plugin crashes Premiere on OSX (CC 2015, up-to-date as of 2015-10-14).

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    @ojakp5 - Please contact support@pond5.com for help troubleshooting that. :)

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    It really is a good idea, especially when you're grabbing tons of comps from several stock sites. So If you're not using premiere, there's no way to batch Dl previews? I often have fifty or so previews at a time (for a big project) to download from each of several sites, usually on a deadline. You guys should try doing that while your lunch sits on your desk. It's fun AND delicious! Please add this feature to what is now my go-to stock site!! At least put a DL button on the collection page so we don't have to go back and forth to the media page.

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    It's now a year later and this feature still has not been added. Not everyone uses Premiere, so the plug-in is not a real solution. Will batch download for previews ever become a reality?

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    Yes, a batch download option for previews, please. A bulk collection download button would be super helpful. 

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    Hey guys,

    Thank you for your comments and feature request for batch preview downloads. Getting the batch downloader back working is on our tech teams radar. We are working on it, but unfortunately do not have an approximate time frame for resolution. We apologise for the inconvenience caused in the meantime and appreciate everyones understanding. 

    If there is anything more that we can assist with, please do let our support team know. 

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