cant download...


Please find athe below image cant download showing some animated square... please let me know attached the reciept too...

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    Great, I can see that we have already taken care of you. Should you run into any other issues, please reach out to us directly at support@pond5.com, phone us at +1 (646) 350-0410 or chat to us live and we will be happy to take care of you right away.

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    Same thing is happening to me: just endless squiggle for download. Frustrating. If this isn't solved by tomorrow, I will get a refund. I expect this to work. And I have deadlines.

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    Hi Asad, please know that we have manually adjusted some settings on your account and you should now be able to download your purchased file from your Downloads page. 

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    Hi! Same problem with my last purchase (transaction ID 2274116). The revolving rectangles go on forever and I never get download options/download dialogue.

    Strange enough I had no problem with the previous purchase.

    Also tried to enable auto start downloads under preferences, but nothing changes.

    I have deadlines, please solve my problem.

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    Hi Andrea, please know we've reviewed your account and you should have no more issues downloading your purchased files.

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    Hi Isabel. All is working now. Thank for your prompt response and solution.

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