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I sent two times email for the verification my account (about six months ago to support@pond5.com and one request email to submit@pond5.com) but without response.

All sounds are still offline and my sales dropped. What can I do in this situation?


Pond5 username: Pheryan

E-mail: pheryan@o2.pl


Thanks! :)

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    Hi Maksymilian, I see that my colleagues have responded to both your emails. We apologise if you did not receive these, perhaps you could check your spam folder incase the emails ended up in there.
    In order to host your SFX on the site, we will need to see an established, professional web presence, like a personal website or a LinkedIn profile with references to your media work and also a screenshot of your DAW. Please contact us directly at support@pond5.com with both these things. If you don't have these or aren't willing to provide it, that's perfectly okay. But it will mean that we cannot host your SFX in the marketplace. All other media formats, like video, images, and music, will remain unaffected.
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    I just got an email: 'Last Chance: Verification Required',This is your final notice, if you’re unable to verify within the next 24 hours, your account may be temporarily suspended.' I uploaded my ID years ago. Checking my ID page it says 'Your ID on Pond5 has been approved'.

    Why the email then? Do I still need to do something?

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    I'm having the same issue.  I've had two previous verification requests and have complied with each one.  (Copy of drivers license...and business website), yet I got another 3rd email saying now I have just 24 hours to comply, yet the "VERIFY NOW" button is disabled and I can't find any messages about this in my account.


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    We’re sorry for the confusion this email may have caused. The only people who should have gotten this email are contributors with unverified accounts. This is part of our effort to prevent fraud and make the marketplace safer for everyone. Unfortunately due to a technical error, this email was sent out to unintended recipients. 

    In short,  if this is the first time you've received an email like this, and the verification link does not work properly, then you were not meant to receive this email, and can safely ignore it. If you are an artist who has already verified their account, we apologize for the extra email. 

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    I just verify my account too. Never recieved another verification mail, but now, I recieved that same 24h email. My account appear as "approved" and a green check.

    What do I have to do now?

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    What's going on? I've received an email saying:

    We’ve been trying to reach you. You have 24 hours left to verify your Pond5 identity. We’re collecting this information to better protect your account and prevent fraud.
    Warning.jpg This is your final notice, if you’re unable to verify within the next 24 hours, your account may be temporarily suspended.

    You haven't contacted me about this before, and the button in your email doesn't do anything. What's going on?

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    Where do you see this "approved" with the green check? I've been selling through pond5 for many years, does that mean I've been approved!?

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    Hi Ziggy, after reviewing your account I see that your account has already been fully verified and confirm that you can safely ignore the email. Please accept our apologies for this extra email and the confusion caused.

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