What Are Collections?

Collections are a convenient place to drag and drop media files you like, and/or a place to store and categorize groups of your own uploaded files. You can create multiple Collections for different projects or topics of your choosing.

Opening the Collection Toolbar

To open the collection sidebar, you will need to be on a search results page, or your artist profile page. Click on the icon on the top right-hand corner of the page to expand your collections bar. 


Creating a Collection

To create a collection, click on the icon in the collection toolbar. You can choose a name/title and add a description.



Adding to a Collection

While searching, you can add files into any of the collections you have created. Simply hover over a file and click on the Collection icon. Make sure you select what collection you will add this to on the Collection Toolbar beforehand. 

Selecting Between Collections

You can switch between your collections by clicking on the collections drop-down.  


Sharing Your Collection

You can share any of your collections by clicking on the Share icon. You can choose to copy the link, email, or share directly to your social media pages.



Full Collection Page

By expanding the toolbar to a full collection page this will give you more options.


Make Public/Private

Control who has access to your collections by setting to private or public

Delete Collection

  • You can delete any of your collections
  • Click on delete/trash icon
  • Confirm by clicking OK

Edit Your Collection

To edit the title and description of a collection:

  • Click Edit > fill in corrections/additions > click Save

View All Collections

  • To view all collections click All Collections

Add All to Cart

Click Add All to Cart to add all files in the collection to cart


To get started on searching check out: How Do I Search For Media?



Additional Tips for Our Artist Community below:

  • First, you will want to create the Collection you're wanting to add items into here: My Collections 
  • Once your Collection is created, from the uploads page >> My Uploads; You can now select each item(s) as noted below and add them to an existing Collection.

  • Once executed, you will now see the item(s) are in your Collection:

  • Additionally, you can add items to a previously created Collection by clicking on the item ID and locating >> Add to Collections:



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