Can I use some of the samplers in Music?


I'm a electronic music producer. I would like to know if the samplers are completely royalty free and can be used in musics without any prolems.



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    when uploading some music we are asked "Available for Musical Works?" which is explained as "If you select "yes", your audio track will be available for use in other musical compositions (for instance, the licensee may add their lyrics, or use it as a loop or sample within a music track). If you select "no" your track will be available only for synchronization with video and other non musical works." and this is further explained with "Click here for more info." in greater details. Personally, any samples I have used have been approved for commercial purposes. Otherwise I have created them myself and the right is therefore mine (in conjunction with Pond5s agreement). It is like buying a piano and then making money from it I was told by Yamaha. If I can assist with any guitar sound or synth please message me.

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