How do I apply my account balance towards a purchase?


How do I apply my account balance (earned on video) towards a purchase (music)?

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    Hello Tomek,

    As per our contributor agreement, I'm afraid that is not possible. You may only collect your balance as a payout, and only when you meet our $25 minimum. Payouts are sent out around the 15th of each month.

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    That's preposterous! I have some money on my balance, enough to buy something from another artist and you're saying I CAN'T use it this way? It's complete non-sense! How is this money different? It's like I sold my media somewhere else and when I need to buy anything, Pond5 is ignoring that already have the earned the money to make the purchase.

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    Hi Dimitar,

    Unfortunately this is not possible because of legal and tax reasons. We need to send you your payout first, then you may use the earned money to pay for your purchases. Please know that all payouts are sent once month, on the 15th of each month when you reach the payout minimum. 

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