And I can not understand why all the tracks have zero views.


Dear Sirs! I was wondering if the views statistics is ok here (I mean the number of track views). I started uploading music in august and now have about 8 tracks. And I can not understand why all the tracks have zero views, it is incredible. As far as I know the tracks after downloading appear in the new items list and there must be at least views (I even dont tell about sales). Is something wrong with the statistics? In case the statistics is all right could you please explain me this phenomenon. Thank you and have a nice day!

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    Hi Maxim,

    It's true that the view counters don't always work. They sometimes don't count a view when they should, so normally you have a bit more than what it shows.

    The best way to get more views and sales is to keep uploading new materials. It sounds like you're very new to the site, so welcome! I'll share a few tips that can help you sell more.

    First, of course, keep uploading new material. The more you upload, the more you can sell.

    Checkout our artist resources page for useful metrics information.

    Consider using the collections feature to market your content over social media.

    And visit our private artist forum where you can ask our other artists for tips and advice.

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