this one's for free (idea) tho... it would be nice to collect 5% ....


if this ideal is enlightening. I'm hoping y'all could be considerate enough after making a fortune to remember me I'm trying to figure out where y'all could do with the extra 5% from the profits.

If interested send me an email I can commute withand I'll give you eight other ideas that could push the other 20+ sites >like Pond5.com< below Pond5.com on any -Websites- "(search engines)" recommendations lists/Charts.

I call this ideal, "first of its kind"
you separate the ass clusters of products this site has to offer(allowing customers view & bye more quickly. Production is key when it comes to sell and even buying. )

So, make separate pages for each category(type of product>》Music, Videos, illustration, sound effects, photos.....) and link them all to one main page*Pond5.com*. Then give the newly born webpages there own catchy name relative to Pond5.com. Example: ThunderEco5.1com wound offer Music for sell. ?..or if you're not really wanting to slave over every category.... Have 2 at the most 3 categories on each page. Example Visions5.2.com would offer "Photos&illustration" for sell.}

**Now hears the main reason behind this Ideal ....
This would leave the main page Pond5.com to offer exclusive products from the Top producers, photographers, directors......... etc. Along with ratings, reviews, and maybe even give out little rewards every so often.

I've got 5 other features for the idea but I need to use my time wisely... my dad is always said time is money and I'm not making any money from my invested time which is making this along with typing very boring.

If interested on what more I have to offer, email me at: Gordongc5@gmail.com.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your suggestion. What you've described is actually how we used to organize content on the site. Since then we've moved to a keyword centric system instead, and we no longer make use of the categories on the site. But you've got lots of points in here, and I'll be happy to pass this along to the team. :)

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