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Just wondering if you have some kind of "word cloud" or other way to see what buyers are searching for? For example, as a sound editor, I create hundreds of different sound effects, but it would be nice to see if 60% of potential customers are searching for "rain" or "whistle blow" that I could be aware of that and create/upload sound effects to cater to what customers are currently searching for most. Don't know if this is possible, but i know most blogs have something like this to see what is hot or trending at the moment.

Thanks !

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    Hi John,

    Check out our artist resources page. There are several tabs along the top, and the second one is for search terms on the site. You'll see the number of results returned by a particular search on the right side. By default, they are ordered in descending chronological order. So, recently searched terms are at the top.

    We also have a small word cloud on the front page of Pond5, just a little ways down from the top, in the black "media of the moment" box. On the right side you'll see the currently trending stock keywords.

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    Hey Jonathan,
    On the 'Best This Week' tab where it lists lots of items, is the 'number of sales column' the total number of sales for the track ever or the number of sales for just this week?

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