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I'm glad that P5 is seeing how important the original filenames are to us producers, but in addition to being able to search for a file using it's original name, I would like to see the original filename added to the "Edit Item" page, perhaps under the preview.

Searching for a file by it's original name is a step in the right direction, but what if I don't know the file's original name? I can't search for it. But if I visually see it, then hit "edit clip," I would be able to see my original name for the clip right there on the page.

As of now, I'll stop adding my unique ID number to the titles, but I will continue to add it to the description. That right there is a big help when I have to find a clip on my hard drive in my growing collection.

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    That's some fantastic feedback right there James, thank you very much for taking the time to tell us. I'll be sure to pass this along. :)

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    Another option might be to add it to the TOP of the Technical Information pop-up when viewing a clip's details page.

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