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Dear Friends
I am Sound Designer and i want to send you some samples of my work.
Augusto Hernández

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    Thanks you for contacting us about your interest in contributing to Pond5! Here is our Seller FAQ for further information about selling. Please be sure to read over our Media Upload Specifications, to make sure your files meet all the requirements before uploading.

    There are two simple methods you can choose to upload your work: HTML5 Uploader or upload via FTP. To use the HTML5 Uploader please go to (Your Username) > Uploads > + Upload New File.

    To upload via FTP, please proceed according to the instructions of your FTP client/software using the FTP address, using the log in and password you set on the New Upload page.

    Your new uploads will then be in your Uploads page in the "needs edit" status. You will just need to go through and add keywords, a description, camera information, prices, etc. Click on your file, edit, and then 'submit to curator' for review. Your files will stay in the "need edits" status until you submit them to the Curator. Once the Curator reviews it, you will see it for sale on Pond5.com, if it is accepted.

    If you have more questions, we'll be happy to help.

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