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It's really nice being an author on Pond5, i find it very suiting to my line of work .. the community is nice and the reviewers are interactive and very friendly .
but unfortunately Pond5 is still not open to possibilities which are already available on other marketplaces, these categories result in very high selling value, and i was shocked to learn that they do not exist in here although they fit perfectly and do not require any root changes to the website .

The category which I'm concerned about at the moment is the 3D category .
this category only features 3d models while it could be used for selling project files for (intros - openers - text reveals - logo stings - Trailers - Animation Data)
these sub-categories rely much on video presentations, which are not available in a respectable manner as in the "After Effects" Category for example, in fact you could say that there are no video presentations for any 3D sub-category !!

By making this feature available, and setting up new sub-categories labeled as (intros - animations - logo stings ... etc) in the main 3D category, you would be looking to a huge refreshment to your marketplace, more members would join in, and your selling rate would increase greatly .

It's one of the most logical steps to take if you're looking for a change, and it's definitely in the right direction .

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for the super well thought out feedback, I'll pass this along. :)

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