Can I use "Copyright Limitation" Songs for monetized youtube videos?


I make monetized videos on youtube and wanted to buy several songs from here and noticed two songs I'm about to purchase had Copyright Limitations. Can I use the songs without worrying the video will be taken down by youtube?

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    You can use anything from Pond5 on YouTube as outlined by our license agreement. However, you may still get hit with a copyright flag. If that happens, just contact us with the following information:

    1) an accessible link to the YouTube video
    2) the transactionID and clipID for the content from your receipt
    3) the name of the entity that placed the claim (AdRev, Audiam, etc)

    Then we'll reach out to both the artist on Pond5, and the entity they are using to protect their work, and alert them to the situation. Our contributor agreement requires our artist to immediately release any claims made against content they sold through Pond5.

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