How to sell exclusive rights to the music after the sale of non-exclusive rights to pond5?


How can I own the exclusive rights to sell my music, which has already been placed on pond5 and was sold several times? In this case, my buyer can refuse my services, if he hears this music anywhere else... What to do in such a situation? I see only one answer: I do not have to sell this pond5 my music that I wanted to sell their own with exclusive rights? Am I right? (Sorry for my bad english)

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    Hi Andrey,
    They key here is that you actually retain ownership rights to all your content when you're at Pond5. What you are selling is a non-exclusive license for usage rights. This means that buyers acknowledge and understand that anything they buy at Pond5 can be bought and used by other people as well.

    You can review the full license agreement for a better understanding of what rights the buyers have with the content: http://www.pond5.com/legal/license

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