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I am doing a type of video e-cards for a non-profit organization and am curious if your license covers your video footage for that use. These videos will not be sold, but they can be distributed freely by email, facebook and twitter.

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    By purchasing media from our site, you are allowed to use them under our Royalty-Free License Agreement, which allows for worldwide, perpetual use, across all media. This means that you can use the file in just about any creative or commercial context. Please read through the License Agreement to make sure your usage is covered. Restrictions are listed in section 4 of the license agreement.

    I'm not aware of any restrictions that would prohibit the usage you've described, but we can't "clear" your usage for you, so it's important that you review the license before making a purchase. If you're still unsure, we have to direct you to speak with a legal professional to get answers of authority.

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