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I can't work out how your media bins/collections work.
Firstly, are they the same thing?
I have a 'media bin' toolbar at the bottom of the par which I am editing. All the clips appear in a single row which is obviously hard to see, so I clicked the function 'view as full page'. But the clips that load in full page are NOT what I have just edited in my collection! Is there a massive delay in refreshing? Are my edits going through?
Admittedly, Pond5 is incredibly difficult to use compared to other footae libraries. Like, I have to reset all my parameters every time I search a different keyword. This is a real pain and has resulted in my collections being full of media which does not fit my parameters (hence my need to edit everything again.)
Any solutions?

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    Hi annfoo,

    Yes, collections and media bins, or just bins, are the same things. I'm sorry it sounds like the collections are hard for you to work with, but I'll be happy to pass your feedback along to the team. We hope to begin releasing improved systems in the coming months. :)

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