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It would be great if you could include a zip file of different variations/versions of your main music track like audio jungle does. This would be a great value for the customer and increase sales for the publisher.

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    You can already do this at Pond5. Just upload the different versions separately, then request an association from support@pond5.com.

    To get your files associated within our system, we need you to do three things for us. This will allow us to process your request much more quickly.

    First, Take all of the files you'd like associated, and send them to us in the following format:


    There's no need to list track names, just list the ClipID's separated by a : without spaces, each track on a separate line, and send as many as you like in a single message.

    Second, make sure to include your username in the email.

    Third, please always send your request to support@pond5.com, with the subject line Associations Request.

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    Hi guys,

    does the item listed first in the line become the master file? How can I define the right order of associated tracks by myself?

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    Hi Martin, the file uploaded first is automatically the master clip. If the clip you wish to be the master clip isn’t the oldest on the site, you can tell us which clip is the master and we will be happy to do that for you. It makes no difference what order you upload your files in when you associate them, just make sure all versions are already online.

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    Hi all,

    Does it the procedure to follow if I have the following situation :

    - "My sound metal" master clip:  3 minutes        (price: 40$)

    - "My sound metal sample 1":     2 minutes    (price: 30$)

    - "My sound metal sample 1":     1 minute    (price: 20$) 

    Do I have an unique entry named "My sound metal" with my 3 versions ?

    Thank you

    Best regards


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    Hi David, the procedure is exactly the same. There's no need to list track names or prices, once these files are already on our system simply list the ClipID's separated by a : without spaces, each track on a separate line, and send them in a single message to our support team at support@pond5.com in this way: Item:123456:123457:123458 

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    Thank you Isabel.

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