Promo Music with rises and falls, and solid hard inspirational endings


Lots of great music here - but i find my self constantly spending hours on end trying to find a piece that works with the typical 3 minute inspirational, motivational promo. May clients are in this sweet spot. Something in the 3 minute range that Initially identifies a problem (be it human trafficking or world hunger, then there is some "hero or solution" that comes into the video where in the audience gets more hopeful - we show how that hero is doing good things - then we plant a seed on how the audience can get involved, then typically a feel good montage of hope, information and inspiration. And this all needs to hit on a final note with an echo that trails off. So many of the songs on Pond5 are one level for way too long - they become a 1 - 2 count for eternity that after 47 seconds the viewer goes clinically insane and chews their own ears off. So if there are any artists out there who would heed this challenge to think like an editor and build some songs that truly work for emotional hopeful inspirational motivational storytelling it would be really cool!

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    @ChapmanStudios - Hi there, thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to pass that along! In the meantime, you might consider posting this to the footage request forum to see if any of our artists will take you up on the challenge. :)

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