What do I do with my rejected files?


Pond5 requires that you spend hours tagging and organizing everything BEFORE they approve or deny it, wasting precious time. Furthermore everything needs to be done one by one, no bulk tagging. What a waste of time! Now I cant do ANYTHING with all these files? Not even replace the file as resubmit??? This is [deleted by Jonathan]!

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    Preparing your metadata is a very basic, and baseline requirement in the stock industry, so yes, we do require that you do that before submitting your items for curation. The vast majority of stock sites do. But I can understand feeling like you've wasted time if those items are rejected.
    Since you spent time preparing your metadata, and Pond5 has no exclusivity requirements, the best advice we can give you is to try selling on as many other stock sites as you can. That's also a very common practice for stock artists.
    Additionally, this is the second time I've deleted a curse word from one of your posts, as I'm responding to them. If I have to do it again, we may take action against your account.

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