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I would love to be able to run automatic keywords on my content that existed before this new feature, without having to delete and re-upload it. Be nice if there was a button for that next to the keywords field.

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    We agree this is a great feature and our engineers are aware and currently working on fixing this technical issue. We will have a fix as soon as we can. 

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    Another issue i'm running into on keywords, is that FCPX allways adds keywords to it's exported videos. Then when i upload it just shows the FCPX keywords and not the automatic keywords. Hopefully the way you guys are fixing this issue will help with this issue also. The workaround i've found is to delete the FCPX keywords on pond5 and it will refresh the page with the automatic keywords. It's just a pain.

    Thanks you guys for adding this automatic keyword function it helps with keywords I would have left out.

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