Защищено ли использование в моем проекте Вашим лицензионным соглашением?

Usage rights are determined by the type of license you purchase. All of our licenses allow for worldwide use of the media in perpetuity.

Items marked Editorial may not be used in any form of advertisement, endorsement, commercial, or promotion, while those marked Commercial are generally available for commercial use.

The amount of merchandising allowed depends on which license level you choose. Our standard Individual License includes a run of 100,000, printed use only; our Business and Premium Licenses include 500,000 to an unlimited print use, including merchandising rights. 

Note that you cannot use Pond5 licensed content for logos, trademarks, reselling, or for sensitive use materials without a custom license. If you are in need of a custom license or are interested in a specific amount of indemnification protection, please contact us at sales@pond5.com or give us a call at +1 (855) 410-6789.

For some related usage questions, please see:

All About Our Licenses

Individual and Extended Licenses

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