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The views counter has not been working for a very long time. Even when it was it seemed sporadic at best.  I've also had sales with no ATCs. This data is very important to us. When I was at NAB I was told this was a known problem and that there would be a fix 'soon'.

Artists should be kept up to date on issues like this when they persist for more than a day or so. If there are technical problems like the ones mentioned above they need to be clearly communicated so people are not kept guessing. I'm sure it would also cut down on the volume of e-mail you get on such issues.  In the ' news and announcements' section there is only 1 post that is current and the rest are 10+ months old. Let us know what is going on, when things will be fixed etc.

This is my biggest single frustration with Pond5.

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    Hey Alan, thanks for contacting us. The indexing issues with views and ATC's is being worked on as we speak, and should be fixed soon.

    Other site indexing issues should be good to go, but I'm going to mark this as planned.



    Pond5 Crew


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