More consideration give in your reasons for rejection and a wait period indication

  1. Could you not provide some kind of waiting status. i.e. Your image will be reviewed in 39 days, 29 days etc.

  2. Could you not be more honest in your reasons for rejecting an image. Instead of "Thank you for the upload but the quality of this image is too low and it is unlikely to sell. " Couldn't you actually give some honest indication of the real reason i.e. "too dark" or "sorry we have too many images of lighthouses, this one isn't distinctive enough" or "sorry but you are clearly a crap photographer and we don't like your subject and composition"

I just recently waited nearly a month to have a bunch of images rejected as of being "too low quality". Despite the fact they were shot on Canon L Series Lenses on a Canon 6D and at 100 ISO and provided at 5472 x 3648. So clearly not of "too low quality"

It would be far nicer and more courteous to give the actual reason because then the photographer would know what to do to upload better images. If you reject an image shot on highest quality on professional equipment as "too low quality" then there's nothing to learn on what needs to be improved. However if the image is "too dark" or "not interesting enough" then it gives the photographer/contributor some actual information about what to do improve on on future submissions.

Note to artist:
item41632816 item41631907 item41631634 item41630816 item41626631
Hi there!

Thank you for the upload but the quality of this image is too low and it is unlikely to sell.

Thank you for your understanding.
Ellie, Pond5 Curator.

I don't understand Ellie, the images were shot on a Canon 6D full sensor camera at 100 ISO with Canon L Series lenses so how can the image quality be too low? Wouldn't it be more honest to just state you don't like personally like them or that maybe you have other images editorially in the same category or you don't like the compositions. If you are stating the rejections are purely because of image quality then can I ask you to get another reviewer to assess the images technically and let me know what the "image quality" issue is because I did intend to upload other photographic work, however clearly if photographs taken on one of Canon's top camera's with professional series lenses are of too low quality, then I need to know what your minimum standards for photographic quality are. I've worked as a photographer and cinematographer in film for over 20 years. Hence I'm surprised to hear you state these images are of "low quality. Having waited for nearly a month for your review it would be nice and actually courteous for you to explain what the qualitative issue is so that I understand it for any future contributions I make.

Thanks for your understanding.

Angus Giorgi

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    Thank you for sharing your feedback Angus, I'll pass that along.

    1.) This is something we see requested frequently. We're listening, but I don't have any news to share right now. :)

    2.) This is fair feedback too. Often, we opt to be as polite and diplomatic as possible, so pretty much all quality rejections are simply referred to as "low quality" whether it's a technical assessment or an ascetic one. But I totally get how that could be even more frustrating than just being told, "The composition of your shots isn't very good," or anything else along those lines. Ultimately, we want to help artists improve their work so that they'll get more sales. We're in this together, because the more you make, the more we make. Rest assured that we take that to heart.

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