Download my sounds for free? How many "preview" Files are being downloaded?


Hey Pond 5!

I just noticed this issue a few mins ago.

Shorter tracks of mine. ex... button clicks, taps, and Notifications alerts under the standard time limit to get a water mark. Have no watermark when you play it in the clip viewer. So whats stopping Me or anyone else from just downloading the Preview file and getting the sound for free? like this one here. One of my tracks

Example # 1

Example #2

This is someone else's sound that I downloaded a preview for and got the sound no problem. Sorry to TPF... I wont use it.. But Im sure he would like to receive his 50% cut of that sale.

I guess Im just trying to make us aware that we could be loosing potential sales for the Author and Pond 5.

Ideas / Thoughts
Do you guys have any way to make sure all theses views are not just "Preview Downloads?
Can you find a way to add a watermark somehow on the tracks?
Can you give us a show of how many preview have been downloaded?

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    This is an issue we're aware of. The problem is that if a clip is shorter than the watermark itself, as the clips you've linked are, then they aren't long enough to hold the watermark, so it doesn't get applied. We have a fix in the works for this, so it shouldn't be a problem for too much longer. We plan on making some changes, so that we can still apply the watermark to shorter sfx files.

    I'm afraid we don't track preview downloads at all, no. But the "views" counter is tracking actual visits to the item page, whether or not a preview was downloaded.

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