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Hey everybody! I'm a new member i joined yesterday and have uploaded and tagged 50 tracks so far and waiting for the review(btw how long does it take for the review-accepted/rejected action?).I have a question about registering works with my PRO(I've been with BMI a year now).These 50 tracks i have here on pond5,should I register them with BMI? should i wait first and see which ones get accepted? or should i leave everything as is,and let the clients register them with cue sheets once they buy them and are ready to broadcast them?
now I'm worried about 2 things:
1)I haven't listed a publisher on these 50 tracks uploaded here(i'm planning to put 200% writer's share on BMI cause i don't own a pub company).Does this sound ok?
2)many clients don't know what cue sheets are!

I've already had a response to the general question above about BMI from a pond5 representative(awesome service!) but i just wanna make sure i do everything right and get your guys' suggestions/advices.


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    Hi Panagiotis,

    It sounds to me like you've got all the right information. I don't really have any advice on when to register though. I guess I would just say that registering with a PRO can't possibly hurt anything. While it's true that many of our buyers don't know what cue sheets are, it's also true that most of them wouldn't need to submit cue sheets if they bought the material. Not all of our buyers are making works for broadcast. Many of our shoppers are looking for things for private or personal use as well, and unless the work is going to be broadcast or publicly performed, you wouldn't need to submit cue sheets. :)

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